Belonging to the Desert - ChristineBeattyPhotography

I was born and raised in the desert sands of Arizona, and I have thus grown a great respect for the habitat that has housed me all of these years. I cannot help but fall in love with the subtle kaleidoscope of life that such a harsh environment provided. Even with a soul that feels as wavering and loud as the ocean, my bones feel filled with the desire for dusted storms and sun-soaked skin.

Due to all of these feelings I encompass for the desert, I wanted to further explore it as well as my interactions and thoughts that went with it. I chose to enclose my findings and photographic discoveries within a journal, as that felt secretive and intimate, and I hoped to create the experience of looking through a found object. It is meant to bring out an intimate and personal emotion in the viewer, as well as a sense of discovery and exploration, and thus it should not be the same response for any two people. This project has been a process of self-discovery by allowing myself to venture into the known-wild and to greet it as an old friend; to learn it’s name and story once more.