I am endlessly intrigued with the inward reality of the past and the way it lives on within the mind. I believe that dreams, thoughts, feelings, and recollections, are all tangible organs of some kind. They are entrails that are bloody and strung for long distances within the body, and they are planted like seeds when we are born, but only ever grow more tangled and overwhelming. I find myself often ensnarled within such viscera, losing myself to the search for lost thoughts only to find blurred lines and faint faces. When growing up I always selectively removed my own memories, discarding journals so my subconscious could remain a secret, yet entering adulthood I am driven wild with the search for all that I have forgotten.

Through photographing myself in my childhood home and by encompassing sacred symbols and relics from my adolescence, I create a ritual in which I investigate these entrails of misplaced memory. Pulling apart the threads of time I create physical recollected images of my youth, therefor gaining power over myself and taking control in my acts of remembrance. As recreations of significant moments and feelings in my life, I allow for them to be exposed as pieces of myself that I want to be seen. They are both precious and fantastical to me, and the photographic process is as much performance as it is a cathartic practice. The images have aided in disentangling my mind as well as become keepsakes to be offered to myself as reparation.